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What is The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which traces its origins to the separation from the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. Boasting approximately eighty million members worldwide, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian denomination in the world. Today, many people join the Episcopal Church because of its unique preservation of early Christian “catholic” tradition and its embrace of tolerance and reform.

What Is The Episcopal Church Main Guide To Worship And Liturgy?

The Book of Common Prayer is the official book of worship of the Episcopal Church. It outlines our beliefs and worship services as Episcopalians and it is what we have in common with other Episcopal Churches. It contains the prayers for the Sacraments (such as baptism and communion) as well as the other rites of the church such as confirmation, holy matrimony, reconciliation, burials, and much more.

What Does The Word "Episcopal" Mean?

Literally, “governed by Bishops”. It describes the organizational structure of the church; the Episcopal Church is broken into diocese (which are similar to jurisdictions), each one led by a bishop, as well as assistant bishops, canons, and deacons.

What Is At The Core Of Our Beliefs At Trinity?

We believe in the Trinity: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. We believe that the scriptures are the inspired Word of God. We believe that The Catechism gives us an Outline of the Faith and can be found in The Book of Common Prayer beginning on page 845.

Are There Differences At Each Of The Worship Service?

Our main form of worship is the Holy Eucharist. The word, “eucharist” means thanksgiving, so we gather to praise the name of the Lord and to thank Him for the Gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Our worship has two parts: The Word of God and Holy Communion. We believe in the “Real Presence” of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion and Holy Communion is at the center of each service. Three services are held each Sunday and each is special in its own way. The 7:30 worship is Rite I and contains no music except for the second Sunday of each month. The 9:00 service is Rite II and this service is recommended for families with children since it includes a Children's Church for little ones. Blended music is played at the 9:00 service. The 11:15 service is also Rite II and contains more traditional music. It is recommended that you attend worship at different service times to find the one right for you.

I Did Not Grow Up Episcopalian, Can I Still Attend Trinity?

Our parishioners come from a variety of religious backgrounds and almost 80 percent of our parishioners were raised under a different denomination. You will feel welcomed at Trinity regardless of your background and we will help you in your spiritual journey.

Do You Have Bible Studies Or Youth Groups?

There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow in our faith at Trinity. Adult studies frequently discuss why we do what we do through bible studies, topical studies, and book groups. Trinity also offers a youth program, Sunday School program and nursery for our younger members.

What Is Proper Dress Attire For Worship?

Come as you feel comfortable! Our dress code is casual and there is no particular dress code required.

How Do I Become A Member Of Trinity's Episcopal Parish?

Joining our church is a very easy process! To become a member, you simply need to turn in a white information form and begin worshipping with us. You are also invited and encouraged to attend the Newcomer's Inquiry class that is held each Sunday morning from 10:30 - 11:00 AM.